About us

We are growers of alpaca, angora goats and Gotland sheep, and we are yarn producers, bringing you luxury yarns in natural fibres, grown and entirely produced in Australia.

The Animals

Alpacas are members of the South American camelid family, domesticated thousands of years ago by ancient Andean cultures, to produce a warm, soft and luxurious fibre. The more common alpaca type, the Huacaya, has soft, dense, crimpy fleece and a somewhat fluffy appearance, whilst the rarer Suri has straighter fibre which hangs in silky locks. Alpacas come in a wide variety of colours, so that naturally coloured is available in pure white, through all shades of fawn, brown and grey, to a true, blue black.

Angora goats produce lovely, lustrous mohair, which adds glamour to natural and coloured yarns, and a wonderful silkiness to garments and fabrics.

Never heard of Gotland sheep? These multi purpose sheep originated in Scandanavia and have only recently been introduced to Australia. Gotland fleece comes in a range of grey, brown and black colouring,and spins to a soft, warm yarn.

Our group’s love of natural fibres and passion for developing luxury materials for knitters, spinners and textile artists has driven this unique, local industry. Hope you enjoy it!